Who Am I? (non-WAC version)

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    Yes BossMan
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    yeah, i realized it so edited my post.
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    Has 104 Centuries!
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    you don't know how to count? he has only 84 centuries.

    you are double counting centuries in Test and ODI's. FC and List A records include centuries made in Test matches and ODIs.
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    I said International+Domestic centuries -

    Tests - 13
    ODI - 7
    First Class - 69
    List A - 15
    Total 104!

    Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I was wrong then

    This one will not be counted then WAC :rage:
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    FAIL FAIL FAIL. This is the WAC-iest version ever.
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    non-WAC version, eh?
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    What you get when you depend on statsguru alone..

    Much better would be if people could remember certain strange incidents from matches or something similar. But, that wouldn't be so easy.
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    And I didn't get any points for my answer to the second question even when it satisfied all the given clues completely well because one of the clues was wrongly worded by the one who gave the clues. :facepalm:

    This is WAC x 1000 version.
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    Give him break FFS. :facepalm:
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    I'm seeing if I can come up with a question here. Lemme think.

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    Player 3- Hint 1

    I got a duck in my debut test innings. I have also officiated in international cricket and in the first test match that I officiated in, the solitary century scored was by a cricketer who happens to be a World Cup winning captain.
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    Nailed it. Good job. :gj:

    Was it too easy ? I probably gave too many clues in the first hint itself in order to make things more specific.
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    This competition seems pretty much dead atm and I thought of reviving it, so here goes a hint for the player I suddenly seem to have in mind.

    Hint : The venue that saw me make my ODI debut is in a country that isn't a test-playing country. I made my ODI debut against an Asian team and my test debut against an African one. I'm a left-handed batsman and in test cricket, my catches count stands at double the number of sixes that I've hit in the same format.
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    Eoin Morgan?

    Oh wait his test debut was against BD...
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