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  1. Bond

    Bond New Member

    I like Bablu's game, but it needs some tweaking cuz his hints are whack.

    Anyone can start the game with an initial hint. The person who starts the game begins with 16 points.

    If someone guesses a player that fits all of the given hint but isn't the person the asker had in mind, the asker must give another hint and also loses one point. The person who made the guess, gains a point

    If a guess is made that doesn't fit all of the hints given (like me guessing Nasser Hussain when one of the clues was that his only international century came in an odi v. India), the asker gains a point and the guesser loses a point. Three bad guesses and a new hint is revealed.

    If no answer is given that fits all of the hints after 3 hours, the asker will release a new hint the next time he comes online.

    If someone guesses the correct answer, here's the split of points between the guesser and asker...
    1st hint: 12/4 points
    2nd hint: 10/6 points
    3rd hint: 8/8 points
    4th hint: 6/10 points
    5th hint: 4/12 points
    6th hint: 2/14 points

    The point is to give specific but cryptic clues. And to discourage bad guessing.

    Someone else can start. I'll be busy the next few days, but will do one by the end of the week


    1. Binning - Player 1 Bablu guessed it correctly - Shahid Afridi.

    Hint 1 - I have played for Ireland and World XI

    Binning now has 5 points, Bablu has 11 points

    2. Binning - Player 2 - Bablu gets it right - Khurram Manzoor

    Hint 1 - I have played same number of ODIs and Tests and I have taken same number of catches in both formats {#of catches not as same as matches}

    Hint 2 - I scored same number of 50s in both formats and I played for Pakistan


    3. Bond - Player 3 - Binning gets it right - John Davidson

    Hint 1 - At least at some point in time, I have held the record for the fastest century in a World Cup
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  2. CoverDrive

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  3. bablu1994

    bablu1994 New Member

    someone do this so that I can get few ideas as well.
  4. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    OK here we go then!

    Player 1 - Hint 1 - I have played for Ireland and World XI
  5. Piethepker

    Piethepker New Member

    Why do we have 2 at one time? this is stupid.
  6. Bond

    Bond New Member

    hmmm interesting clue

    do you want to ban cricinfo and google for this one?
  7. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    Yes we should ban use of Cricinfo and google TBH.......
  8. Bond

    Bond New Member

    I think that should be up to the asker. Just don't be a c*nt about it. Sometimes it makes sense so that it's not totally impossible. Other times it makes it too easy.

    are you referring to the World XI that played Australia in 2005/06?
  9. bablu1994

    bablu1994 New Member

    Dravid has represent one of Ireland or Scotland not sure who, but still my guess is Dravid
  10. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    Wrong guess Bablu....

    Wait for someone else to guess before you make another guess
  11. Bond

    Bond New Member

    Idk if Bablu should be forced to wait. But Bablu loses a point for not matching the hint. Binning gains a point
  12. Bond

    Bond New Member

    ah...now I get it. Played for Ireland in county maybe?
  13. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    I am gonna update the first post regularly.....easier to find all the hints in one post!
  14. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    That's kinda asking me to reveal another hint....
  15. Bond

    Bond New Member

    just thinking out loud...but I don't think I can make a good enough guess with just this clue

    esp without google or cricinfo

    but I would like clarification on which world xi you're referring to...the one that played Australia in 2005/06, or one of those most-talented xi in the world squads the icc likes to put out
  16. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    With google or Cricinfo, it would be really easy to find out the player.....

    won't be much fun....
  17. Bond

    Bond New Member

    that's fine...but which world xi :hitler:
  18. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    Yes.....what other world XI is there?
  19. bablu1994

    bablu1994 New Member

    i think i know it. Can i guess?
  20. Bond

    Bond New Member

    The ICC have selected World XIs based on past 12 or 24 months' performance. That is different from the Super Series between the ICC World XI and Australia in 2005