Suranga Lakmal - The next Chris Martin?

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Is Suranga Lakmal going to be the next Chris Martin?

  1. Yes, but it will take some time

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  2. No, Phantom is a legend

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  3. Maybe

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  1. Afridi

    Afridi New Member

    Well, as you know, Chris Martin is a record holder for ducks and is a good fast bowler, same as Lakmal, here are the stats:

    Chris Martin:


    ODI: In 20 ODI's, Chris Martin DNB(did not bat) 12 times. He has 2 ducks with a best of 3 vs Zimbabwe.

    Test: In 68 Test's, Chris Martin DNB 28 times. He has 33 ducks with a best of with a best of 12 vs Bangladesh.

    T20: In 6 T20's, Chris Martin DNB 5 times. He has no ducks with a best of 5* vs England.

    He has a total of 35 ducks in his International Career.

    Suranga Lakmal:


    ODI: In 15 ODI's, Suranga Lakmal DNB 7 times. He has 3 ducks with a best of 1 vs England.

    Test: In 11 Test's, Suranga Lakmal DNB 8 times. He has 4 ducks with a best of 18 vs Pakistan.

    T20: In 2 T20's, Suranga Lakmal did not get to bat at all.

    He has a total of 7 ducks in his International Career.


    Remember Suranga Lakmal is new to the game but the real question as in the title is:

    Is Suranga Lakmal the next Chris Martin?

  2. Piethepker

    Piethepker New Member

    I honestly hope he is
  3. Arosha

    Arosha New Member

    huh!....... Dont compare 68 Test's with 11 Test's.
  4. CoverDrive

    CoverDrive Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Lakmal :ponting3: I like his bowling though....and his name :D
  5. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

    Nah, he looked alright with the bat tbh.