Steyn's masterclass in durability

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    [FLOAT-RIGHT][IMG-CAPTION][​IMG]The management of Dale Steyn over the past few years has been impressive[/IMG-CAPTION][/FLOAT-RIGHT]"I think I've been managed well. We've got a good trainer - Rob Walter - and I think our coaches that we've had over the last couple of years ... the messages that have been sent back to the coaches from the trainers have been the right ones," Steyn said. "I've only played a handful of one-day internationals - I've only played like 80 one-day games. For someone that's been playing as long as I have in my Test career I probably should have played double that at least. So they've managed me bloody well. I'm pretty stoked about that."


    "At the start of my career there were guys like Polly, Makhaya and Andre Nel, so it was a bit tough to break into that team," Steyn said. "Those kinds of [management] conversations are happening now, more so with the Champions League, the IPL tournaments. I'm playing one game for Brisbane Heat.


    Of course, there is still plenty of aggression to go with the forethought. But Steyn has learned to channel that, too. "I think cricket brings out a more aggressive side in me in all honesty," he said. "Where else in the world do you get the opportunity to basically kill someone with two bouncers an over? Or try, legally. That can bring out the anger in anyone. I think off the field I'm pretty chilled, but on the field it's all business."


    He is blessed. :adore:
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    Like A Boss....SA are feeling good.....that means trouble for the Aussies....
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    Trouble for Aussies :hubba::hubba:
    SA will kill em!
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    Check out his tests played to ODI ratio and compare it with Indian players.
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    Cmon straya, PUT US A COMPETITION

    were going to lose
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    Amazing!! :adore:

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    ^This is like the body line cricket game:ponting3: