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    Shamelessly stolen fron a fellow forum.

    For those who don't know how to play, it's a simple trivia game. Rounds of sheep can be either white, where the aim of the game is to score as many points as possible, or black, where the aim is to score as few as possible. 1 point is awarded for every person who gives a particular answer - so for example, if I were to ask for a batsman to have scored 10,000 Test runs, and 8 people answer Sachin Tendulkar, then 8 points are scored. In White Sheep, there are no incorrect answers, as the aim is to pick what you think the most popular answer will be. In Black Sheep, the aim of the game is to pick the answer you think will be least popular - however incorrect answers are penalised by an additional point on top of the most popular answer - so in the above example, a black sheep answer of Chris Martin would score 9 points.

    Sheep is a game which requires a high number of people to play (the higher the better) so the amount of participants we have will decide how long it will be before we play again.

    Obviously your expected to not use the internet for this.

    The first round will be white sheep. The round will be open for 2 hours. I have made the questions fairly easy for the first round.

    Please PM all answers to me.

    General Knowledge
    1. Name an Iron
    2. Name a fruit

    3. Name a country who fought with the British in World War II
    4. Name a 19th Century British colony

    5. Name an Australian State
    6. Name a capital city in Europe

    7. Name a country that has won the Fifa World Cup
    8. Name a country that has hosted the Olympic Games

    9. Name a test bowler with more than 500 test wickets
    10. Name a current English Batsmen

    11. Name a poster with more than 10,000 posts.
    12. Name a poster who hasn't posted in 2012
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    Why do you make us read an essay for every game :ponting3:
  3. Binning

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    :ponting3: I will send the answers in a bit, put some prize money for this :troll:
  4. Cabinet96

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    By Iron, I mean a metal :rofl:
  5. Cabinet96

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    Inb4 every one puts their answer as Iron :troll:
  6. Binning

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    :yao: You should have made it clear that you are asking for a kind of metal man:rofl:
  7. Cabinet96

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    Dude I ****ed up. I wanted to ask for a metal, but I asked for the answer I would have put :rofl:

    It's like for question 2 if I had asked:

    Name a Strawberry.
  8. wrighty

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    dude now everyone will answer strawberry
  9. Rager

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    Can I change my vote to Iron then? :hehe2:
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    This is asinine. Oh well.. I'll do it anyway. Clear your inbox, Cabi. The last time I tried sending you something, it got me so upset, I almost wanted to smash my computer to bits.
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    ^ :ponting3:Cabi needs to manage this inbox issue better man, Cabi - you know you can download and save all the messages if you want to. Just saying:)
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    Learn to use IRC chat for chatting, and use your PM for important stuff like this. :facepalm1:
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    My inbox size I now bigger, please send your responses.
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    ^ How many Responses have you got so far ?
  15. Rager

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    Thread cleaned. This is my 5th time doing it today. :facepalm1:

    Anyways, do I have to resend you answers?
  16. Cabinet96

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    I have only received from you two. You have to resend you answers for question 1 which is:

    Name a metal.
  17. Santo99

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    ^You said these were not questions
  18. Cabinet96

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    They're not, but since everyone is calling them questions why not go along with the crowd. Makes sense in this thread.

    Also there's something weird about saying. Please re-send you response to request 1.
  19. Santo99

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    So now you understand why I called them questions:)
  20. Cabinet96

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    But I called them that because it was easy for everyone to understand. You called them that because you were trying to humiliate me.