Series Thread: Australia vs England - The Ashes 2013/14

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by CoverDrive, Sep 9, 2013.

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    Ashes down under
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    Australians should be more like :macgill1:
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    England SUCKS(Ah I mean Multination XI). C'mon Australia dethrone them and take back the urn where it belongs.
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    I dun get it, your both smileys are opposite.
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    He's probably like "I know right. WTF is this ****?"
  11. cricmahanty

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    Clarke out of contention from the first test.

    I so very want Australia to use this window by giving Bailey a run in the test line-up. The guy can bat.
  12. Binning

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    Australia's best batsman and bowler are out, England should be licking their lips :patrick:
  13. CSB

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    England will win because as the last 2 Ashes in England have proved, all you need to do to win the Ashes is have the best luck in the universe when it comes to umpiring decisions and weather.

    Any game that England does badly in, it's ok, the weather gods will see fit to rain it off so it's a draw.

    Any game that Aus does badly in, clear skies as far as the eye can see.

    5-0 England
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    England will win because they're a better test team. Period.

    I do sympathise with Australia for the 5th day rain in the Chester-Le-Street match. That was their best chance in the entire series, only to be robbed off by some pretty usual English weather conditions.
  16. CSB

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    We would've won comfortably at the Oval AND at Old Trafford had the weather not intervened. And we would've won at Trent Bridge if Aleem Dar had eyes or ears that worked properly.

    I know good teams never complain about bad luck, and don't get me wrong, this current Aus side is ****. But the England side is just as ****, they just had better luck during the last Ashes series. Anyone who thinks the outcome of that series was dictated by anything other than garbage umpiring and **** weather is kidding themselves.
  17. U2one100

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    I think England will just edge it. Australia have a chance if they can win the first test.
  18. Binning

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    ATM England are a slightly better team than Australia, We have seen in last few series that Australia's luck have been bad. Against SA they like dominated first 2 tests? and ended up losing the 3rd and the series. In the Ashes again, weather ****ed em.....With a little bit of luck on their side, Aussies can even win this series...
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    Get pumped!!

    Your reasoning says otherwise.
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    Clarke playing his first game back from injury today in a domestic shield game.