Secret is out - Don Bradman, most loathed cricketer?

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    Players couldn't stand Bradman: Cosier

    WORLD Series Cricket outcast Gary Cosier has lifted the lid on one of the game's most explosive secrets - the legendary Sir Don Bradman was loathed by many great Australian cricketers of the 1970s and early 80s.

    "The thing that hasn't been written before is that during the 1977 Centenary Test at our pre-match gathering, Rod Marsh and a few other players were just so harsh on Bradman," Cosier told The Courier-Mail.

    "We were there to play against the Poms the next day and Sir Donald got as big a serve as any of the Englishmen did - probably a lot more.

    "There was an intense, I don't know if hatred is the right word, but dislike (for Bradman).

    "Plenty of the players were carrying on about Bradman and saying they couldn't stand him. As long as Bradman was alive, they thought he kind of ran Australian cricket, and they didn't like that."

    "The Don" died in 2001 and is such an iconic and revered figure in Australian sport that few are prepared to speak critically of him, despite the fact his administration style was often autocratic and delivered with an iron fist.

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    Marsh and co. always had problems with cricketers who were or might've been better than they are.

    Case in point: Kim Hughes and their treatment of him.

    Also, most loathed? Sreesanth and Harbhajan beg to differ.
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    This isn't exactly news that Bradman was widely disliked
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    He was widely disliked? new to me

    Anyway, a lot of senior players didn't like Bradman (in his playing days) because he told them to stop smoking and drinking, plus he had a superior over everyone and people don't like that
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    I knew Bradman used to keep to himself in the dressing room in his playing days and wasn't liked by many of his teammates. ( BTW I have absolutely no problem with that sort of behaviour)

    Never knew Chappelli, Marsh and co had such dislike for him though.
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    All the people who disliked Bradman.. I wonder if they had ever heard of tall poppy syndrome. :hehe2:
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    Chappell got critical of Bradman, after he made some remarks about Chappell's character (which were quite personal in nature), while Bradman was the chairman of selectors. Chappell said in an interview that he was glad he criticized Bradman during the time he was alive.

    So a great player having an inflated ego is not really a news to anyone. Some Australian writers have also criticized those who have given the Don an unimpeachable status. Gideon Haigh has criticized those historians who given a hagiographic account of Bradman's persona and glossed over every criticism that was directed at him. Fair dinkum.
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    Cricket Country is one of the worst websites ever...just tabloid trash gets posted. More than half of what they write doesn't even amount to quasi-truthful gossip.

    And I don't think it's fair to characterize Bradman as too good for India. He actually said that he thought India was going to be dominant side in world cricket in a decade or two...this was well before Gavaskar and Shastri waxed about India's reign at the top :shastri:
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    I don't blame Bradman for not wanting to set foot in India. I wouldn't want to either. :ponting2:
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    :ponting2: Australian Police should capture you and force you to live in India
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    "During Australia’s first innings, Bill Voce induced an edge off Bradman when he was on 28, and it was held in the slips by Jack Ikin. To the surprise of many, Bradman refused to walk, claiming the ball had gone to the fielder on the bounce. The umpires were unsure and allowed him to resume his innings.

    Hammond was far from amused and as he crossed the batsman after the over, he remarked, “That’s a fine f***ing way to start a Test series.”

    Bradman went on to score 187 and Australia won the Test, and proceeded to clinch the series 3-0. Hammond failed with the bat and found Bradman’s attitude so infuriating that he did not exchange another word with the great man except during the toss."

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    and why not?
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    I might step in some Gayhind by accident. :hehe2:
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    ^ There are plenty of Indians in Australia
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    Yes but I know I can avoid them if I stay away from curry shops.

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    ^^^ curry shops? proof CSB has never actually met a gayhind in person?
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    ..curry shops.... and cabs, colleges, IT offices, telephones, cricket stadiums....

    Seems you'll have to stay away from a hell lot more than just curry shops. Bound to be a tough life that way :hehe2: