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    For those unfamiliar with the concept of a draft.

    Your attempting to build your perfect all time test team. You will be playing against other users and you will go through 12 rounds to pick your best XI and 12th man. The order of the picks for each round will be random, however, they will be spaced out evenly acrross the 12 rounds. So for example if you had your pick last in round 1 you will get to pick first in round 2 and vice verser, so on...

    At the end of the 12 rounds you may post your team. Users will then vote for their favourite 3 teams, you can't pick your own obviously. You can big up your players and list their achievements in a write up should you wish.

    Scorecard Draft

    The basic premise is that it is a turn-based all-time draft where each pick has to be a player who has played either with or against the player you last picked. You'll have to post a cricinfo scorecard to prove that association between consecutive picks. In addition, you may not pick any player that was featured in either the scorecard you last posted or the one the participant before you posted.

    Say you picked Sachin Tendulkar first. You will have to post a scorecard involving him. In your next pick you must pick a player who has played against Sachin Tendulkar, however, you cannot pick a player that played in that scorecard. The same process will keep on applying where you must pick a player who has played against your last pick but not featured in your last scorecard.

    You will also not be able to pick someone who featured in the last scorecard posted.

    So say you had picked Tendulkar and posted a scorecard against Bangladesh. Then, the next player picked Ricky Ponting and then posted a scorecard against India, where Dravid played. You will be unable to pick someone from that scorecard, so say you wanted to pick Dravid, you would be unable to.

    What era you decide to start is crucial, as by round's 10 etc...things get very congested if lots of players are playing in the same era, you will also be able to time travel a fair bit in this draft though so may be able to get from David Warner to Garry Sobbers or vice versa.

    The scorecard you pick is very crucial as you could use it to cause trouble for the person who's after you, but it may also cause you trouble.

    The first pick will be anyone you want.


    - Your allowed to pick anyone from any era
    - You must post a Cricionfo scorecard with each pick
    - You will receive 12 hours to pick. Should you be unable to pick, you will simply pick later with the same rules, following your last scorecard and the scorecard posted before you IN THE DRAFT ORDER NOT the one before you post


    Voting wil be done in private to prevent people from tactically voting so that they can win. For this to work you will have to vote for who you think has got the best team and must try and remove all bias when judging teams. If it is clear that voting is biased and crocked, such drafts will be undoable in the future.


    1st Place - 250 Million CF + Trophy
    2nd Place - 100 Million CF
    3rd Place - 50 Million CF

    I think we need at least 6 people for this to work, otherwise we will still be picking all time greats by round 11, therefore teams would be very hard to judge.


    [TABLE="width: 900"]
    [TD]Cabinet96 XI[/TD]
    [TD]Piethpeker XI[/TD]
    [TD]Binning XI[/TD]
    [TD]Squashed XI[/TD]
    [TD]Fearless Force (Mr. Rager)[/TD]
    R. Dravid
    R. Ponting
    S. Tendulkar
    J. Kallis
    A. Gilchrist
    C. Ambrose
    A. Donald
    M. Murali
    G. McGrath

    12th Man:[/TD]
    [TD]M. Hayden
    G. Smith
    S. Ganguly
    V. Richards
    A. Border
    I. Botham
    R. Hadlee
    W. Younis
    C. Walsh

    12th Man:[/TD]
    [TD]Please report
    your current
    team, so I can
    put it up here.
    [TD]S. M. Gavaskar
    G. Boycott
    R. Smith
    M. D. Crowe
    G. Sobers
    A. Knott
    M. Holding
    M. Marshall
    D. K. Lillee

    12th Man:[/TD]
    [TD]C. Gayle
    Y. Khan
    B. Lara *
    K. Sangakkara †
    S. Waugh
    A. Flintoff
    S. Pollock
    B. Lee
    D. Steyn
    S. Warne
    S. Macgill

    12th Man:[/TD]

    Draft Order

    [TABLE="class: outer_border, width: 900"]
    [TD]Round 1[/TD]
    [TD]Round 2[/TD]
    [TD]Round 3[/TD]
    [TD]Round 4[/TD]
    [TD]Piethpeker - Allan Border
    Binning - Donald Bradman
    Cabinet96 - Adam Gilchrist
    Squashed - Robin Smith
    Mr. Rager - Brett Lee[/TD]
    [TD]Squashed - Malcolm Marshall
    Cabinet96 - Glen McGrath
    Binning - Wally Hammond
    Piethpeker - Viv Richards
    Mr. Rager - Steve Waugh [/TD]
    [TD]Cabinet96 - Sachin Tendulkar
    Binning - Dennis Compton
    Piethpeker - Ian Botham
    Squashed - Sunil Gavaskar
    Mr. Rager - Macgill[/TD]
    [TD]Piethpeker - Waqar Younis
    Binning - Jim Laker
    Cabinet96 - Jacques Kallis
    Squashed - Garry Sobbers
    Mr. Rager - Brian Lara[/TD]
    [TD]Round 5[/TD]
    [TD]Round 6[/TD]
    [TD]Round 7[/TD]
    [TD]Round 8[/TD]
    [TD]Squashed - Alan Knott
    Mr. Rager - Chris Gayle
    Cabinet96 - Murali
    Binning - Frank Tyson
    Piethepker - Graeme Smith[/TD]
    [TD]Cabinet96 - Allan Donald
    Binning - Len Hutton
    Piethpeker - Matthew Hayden
    Squashed - Dennis Lilee
    Mr. Rager - Dale Steyn[/TD]
    [TD]Piethepker - Sourav Ganguly
    Binning - Les Ames
    Cabinet96 - Rahul Dravid
    Squashed - Geoff Boycott
    Mr. Rager - Younis Khan[/TD]
    [TD]Squashed - Michael Holding
    Mr. Rager - Shane Warne
    Cabinet96 - Ricky Ponting
    Binning - Hedley Verity
    Piethpeker - Countey Walsh[/TD]
    [TD]Round 9[/TD]
    [TD]Round 10[/TD]
    [TD]Round 11[/TD]
    [TD]Round 12[/TD]
    [TD]Mr. Rager - Kumar Sangakkara
    Cabinet96 - Curtly Ambrose
    Binning - J Hardstaff Jnr
    Piethepker - Sir Richard Haddlee
    Squashed - M. D. Crowe[/TD]
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    I am in :)
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    I'll have a game
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    I am in.
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    :omg: I dont have time to read this. :yao:
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    Ill have a try, Im stupid but ill try :)
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    There are six of us here to play now ?
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    Not particularly a bad thing to be honest.

    Want to get a couple more
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    Sounds good, another 2 could be you and Cover.
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    i am in
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    :ponting3::rofl1: gotta read the rules first man.
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    That 610 word piece I wrote was worthless? :mad: :facepalm:
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    When shall we begin? Now?
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    let's go for it.
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    Round 1.

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    Can you remind us briefly what we're supposed to be doing here? I vaguely recall something about naming a player and producing a scorecard he appears in. Is that it?
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    Why am I not in this?