Rugby World Cup 2011

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Sobob99, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Sobob99

    Sobob99 New Member

    Anyone following it?
  2. CoverDrive

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    Ummm, not me. Not much into rugby :$
  3. AmritM

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    Stopped after Canada lost against France.
  4. AmritM

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    Anyone watching the Final? its the exact same replica of the first rugby world cup. same two teams in the finals and same two team in the brone game. freaky i tell u.
  5. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

    Is the final on now.
  6. AmritM

    AmritM New Member

    coming sunday! All blacks got my support!
  7. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

    There just the South Africa of Rugby. *Choke*
  8. AmritM

    AmritM New Member

    lol they`re 1-1 in the finals. plus they`re the hose nation. this year theres been a trend in sports. host nations have been winning.
  9. Piethepker

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  10. awan247

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    We are waiting to watch rugby world cup 2015 that will be start in next month.
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    I do not follow Rugby World Cup but i adore "Invictus" movie, about Rugby. It is adorable