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Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by AmritM, Oct 28, 2010.

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    That's right, flopdulkar doesn't have any ballz to score any runs for India. Selfish prick.
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    Not a single post was relevant :facepalm:
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    Hey I came up with field hockey and pocket billiards
    :rofl1: :rofl1::rofl1::rofl1::rofl1::rofl1:
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    Yea that guy was on news couple of days back.... :nice:
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    Not just any news man.. He is a sensation. :hatsoff:
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    Damn. Poor Daniel Ricciardo's home debut podium finish (at 2) disallowed for fuel regulations. Was a fantastic drive by him and the guy who finished third (eventually 2) for McLaren. Good to see new gys coming in.

    Looks to be season of Mercedes though as Rosberg was untroubled in his awesome car. Vettel and Ferrari drivers will have to work hard. Gonna be interesting to see how the three go this time.