LeBron James Facts!

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    • Lebron James once made a 4 point shot without go to the line.
    • Lebron James can play zone defense by himself
    • Lebron James can step on the court during a scuffle and not get suspended (I bet that's actually true).
    • The Cavs don't lose games. Sometimes Lebron James chooses not to win.
    • Lebron James can dunk a bowling ball on a 14 foot basket.
    • Lebron James had moon shoes surgically implanted into his ankles.
    • Lebron James can outdunk a dozen cops in a donut shop.
    • The Cavaliers actually had the #1 and #2 pick in the draft. They used them both on Lebron James.
    • Lebron James needs neither Salmon nor Mashed Potatoes.
    • Lebron James can get an assist and score a basket on the same play
    • Lebron James plays with 12lb. ankle weights to "make it competitive".
    • Lebron James was born with a basketball in his hands. God pity that man's poor mother.
    • Lebron James can score from half court. Yeah, we knew that. But did you know he can score from the 50 yard line too?
    • Lebron James once had a triple double with blocks, steals and dunks with no regard for human life. In a quarter.
    • The only time Lebron James travels is when he gets on an airplane (it's true, just ask the commissioner)
    • Zydrunas Ilgauskas is actually a 13 year old girl. Lebron just makes him look like a center.
    • Lebron James will be all-star starter this year for the east and also... for the West to make it fair.
    • Lebron James can dribble between his legs while doing a hand stand.
    • Lebron James can run the triangle offense by himself.
    • Lebron James greases his hands before games to make things more interesting.
    • Lebron James can make Charles Barkley behave.
    • As a child, Lebron James broke his leg and was in a wheel chair for three weeks. He could still dunk over you.
    • LeBron is right-handed...and left-handed.
    • LeBron can make a no-look pass while looking.
    • Lebron James climbed to the top of Mt. Everest without an oxygen mask. At the summit he built a basketball hoop and played a full game of HORSE.
    • Lebron James played in the WNBA and broke every league record. In one game.
    • Lebron's body odor is the smell of success.
    • Lebron brought new meaning to the phrase "Cant Touch This" when he played it for the NBA Referees. (this one even with Tim Duncan lol)
    • Lebron James can score a 3 from the free throw line.
    • Lebron James can beat you in a game of horse even if you only miss once.
    • Lebron James beat the aliens from space jam without any help from the loony toons.
    • Lebron James will win coach of the year. This year.
    • If you rearrange the letters in Lebron James' name, it spells BOOMSHAKALAKA.
    • Lebron James flies in the house of Mutombo.
    • You don't call plays for Lebron James. You recommend them.
    • Lebron James gets Allen Iverson to practice on time.....no fancy punch line, thats just f-ing amazing.
    • Michael Jordan doesn't wear Air Jordans, he has a pair of LeBrons.
    • LeBron is so great that he needs 2 capital letter in his first name, true story.
    • ESPN is now ESLJ
    • LeBron holds the record for most assists in a one-on-one game at 37.
    • LeBron once got a quintuple-double...in the Slam Dunk contest.
    • The Cleveland Clinic opened a new Lebron James Crossover Memorial wing. It deals exclusively in broken ankles. Kobe was assigned as substitute chairman without pay!
    • Lebron James can grab a dollar bill off the top of the backboard. When he lands, it's a twenty.
    • The powder Lebron James tosses into the air in his pre-game ritual is actually the crushed bones of his enemies.
    • Kobe was the best player in the league for long but now he has a KING
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    oh snap!! this is perfectionist. thanks for sharing baggtara.