India beat Pakistan in World T20 (Blind Cricket) Final

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by Mayank soni, Feb 12, 2017.

  1. Mayank soni

    Mayank soni adjust by face

    Pak 197 for 8
    Ind. 198 for 1
    Prakash 99 not out.

    Congratulation all Indian fans, DD SPORTS showing live on TV
  2. Atish Panda

    Atish Panda New Member


    Congrats! India
  3. Mayank soni

    Mayank soni adjust by face

    Atish,my best friend's name was Aashih in 1970 days you know.
    Terrific performances throughout entire tournaments by India.

    I read all score card on crichq or
  4. kumar713

    kumar713 Well-Known Member

    India owning Pakis again in world cup
  5. wtachetna

    wtachetna New Member

    I'm waiting for India to have match with Pakistan again. I just love watching the cricket game between both the countries. I'm sure I'm alone who feels that way.