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  1. Rain.

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    Arsenal recorded one shot on target in their two league fixtures combined against Chelsea this season.”

    — BBC Sport

    Entertaining Arsenal.

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  2. Cabinet96

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    lol at you and Chelsea football club.
  3. Rain.

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    Cabi, I think you shouldn't laugh at our club imo. Next season is going to be immense for us.

    Next year is going to be amazing. I can feel it. With 3-4 more signings, especially a midfielder to replace Ramires, and a center back, a backup striker to replace Drogba We'll be terrifying.

    With new deals of Adidas and Yokohama we'll get to spend atleast minimum of 70m pounds per year as adidas deal is of 30m and yokohama 40m per year respectively
    Plus we had made some decent profit and Salah would fetch us another 20m pounds. So we can definitely spend about 100m pounds this summer easily.

    If we get Koke' or Pogba for like 40m or 60m, or Icardi for 15m, and a good defender for about 40m. We'd be complete as a squad that would compete for CL and PL.

    Our squad is fairly young with most of them hardly ever won the league, i.e Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Courtois, Costa, Azpi etc. But after this campaign they'll gather winning experience of title and such especially after winning such a hard league.
  4. U2one100

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    Wont win the CL anytime soon...
  5. Rain.

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    We don't even need to win it tbh. I'd be pretty happy with reaching the semi's, which I think we can easily. We reached it last season with such an horrible team. This season we had some problems, which I think could be assessed next season.
    And believe it or not no team even the likes of Madrid and Barca can confidently say they can win the UCL next season, it's very much based on luck
    rather than the team. Real Madrid won last season purely because of luck, Atleti was just 1 min away for holding it.
    So why not? I think we can definitely challenge for it for sure.

    But I think our main priority would be winning the Premier League, and I think Jose will be pretty much focused on it. We need certain players to build depth and improve our XI and I believe if we get them, we'll be even better than this season.
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  7. Cabinet96

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    You're just a rich Atletico Madrid.
  8. Rain.

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    People seems to forget we were the best attacking team by some distance till start of January.

    It's only since February we started playing conservative because of Costa's ban/injury, Cesc second half syndrome.

    It's won't happen next season when we'll buy a decent competitor of Cesc and a good 2nd striker. Remy is good I know but he's also injured the same time Costa gets injured.

    And there is no player in our squad who can replace Cesc.
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  9. Cabinet96

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    Can't wait for Cesc to win the Premier League. Albeit it nearly a decade late and at the wrong club.
  10. Rain.

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    Next game it is.
  11. Rain.

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    Gerrard to give us guard of honour in his last game with us. That would be awesome.

    He's not that a good player imo. I know his assists stats are good and all but he's been absolutely ****e since January bar few odd games and we've struggled because of him. We definitely need an backup for him, since it's a syndrome and happens every other season. Can't risk it next year.

    Assists in the Premier League this season:

    Branislav Ivanović: 5
    Mesut Özil: 5

    Philippe Coutinho: 4
  12. kumar713

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    Hope chelsea wins title on sunday:laxman:

    Arsenal fans still call chelsea a boring side:meh:
  13. Cabinet96

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    Cesc isn't quite as good as he was a few years ago. He's still a remarkable passer, but he was a much better goalscorer and dribbler in his late Arsenal years and early Barca days. His best season was 09/10 IMO. Where he got around 15 goals and assists each despite missing around 15 games through injuries. There were games like this where he came on for half an hour and changed the game. Then you had games like this, holy ****:

    Sadly it was the playing him into the ground aged 17 and making him play with hurt hamstrings which probably turned him into the slow guy who can only perform for half a season which we see today :( Kind of makes me angry when Arsenal fans mock him, because I'm pretty sure we broke him.
  14. Rain.

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    Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich winning almost all their games like 4-0, 5-0, 6-0 makes me cringe. I'm not saying that La Liga and Bundesliga are **** but the difference in quality of the teams are enormous.

    Here in PL, we even struggled to beat ****e teams like QPR for more than 1-0. And we are the best team in the country by some distance.

    So basically we're nothing more than a mid table club for these teams, surely?

    With new TV deals coming up, and the Premier League Champions money, I hope we do make some big signings to at least try to close the gap a bit. We definitely need to add at least 2 World class players this summer.

    Here I'm saying 'we' as Chelsea.
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  15. Rain.

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    Supposedly if we win the title tomorrow, and deliberately lose against Liverpool so that they can pip United to 4th? That would be ****ing awesome.

    United still has to play Arsenal, Crystal and Hull away, all are tricky fixtures bar Arsenal. They'll probably drop points in 2 of those.
  16. Cabinet96

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    Bayern lost 2-0 today and Madrid won 3-2. They're also significantly better than any Premier League team, as shown by the CL knockouts in the last few years.

    It's such a nothing point.
  17. Rain.

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    Let's see which midfielder will we buy this summer. If we don't we'd be ****ed imo.

    We definitely need a midfielder at all cost. Cesc and Matic are good no doubt, but they can't play all the games this season and we have no one to replace them well quality wise. RLC is good all in all, but he haven't even played full 90 mins of senior football how can you imagine him playing week and week out for a title defending team?

    Ramires is absolutely dire and he's getting old, he'll eventually lose his pace which is his main asset, I think we should offload him this summer.
    Mikel is a squad player, I wouldn't want to sell him. But he's nowhere near the quality to be on the first team.

    So basically we only have 2 good midfielders and imagine what happens if one of them gets injured for say a month? We'd be f**ked.

    Our main priority signing should be a mediocentro then a striker/ backup goalie.

    We'll also be challenging for UCL next year, and with only Matic and Fabregas as our midfielders there's no way we can Challenge for both the title and UCL. Plus Cesc Fabregas also suffers second half of season syndrome every other year.
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  19. Rain.

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    What are the chances of Mario Goetze leaving Bayern?
  20. Cabinet96

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    I'd say there's a possibility but not particularly likely.