Ganguly disappointed with test selection

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    Kolkata, (IANS):Former team India captain Sourav Ganguly on Monday expressed his disappointment at pacer Ashok Dinda and middle order bat Manoj Tiwary not getting selected for the first two Tests of the forthcoming home series against England and said he would have picked both as a selector.

    "It is disappointing to find Dinda and Tiwary are not in the squad. Dinda's selection was important. No player in the country is more deserving than Tiwary and Dinda," said Ganguly.

    "They have always performed well whenever they got the opportunity. But neither of them know when they will get the next chance in spite of doing well," he said.

    In spite of hitting a fine 93 in a practice match against visiting England, Tiwary did not find favour with the new national selection committee headed by Sandip Patil, which announced the Indian team for the first two Tests.

    On the other hand, Dinda was the highest wicket-taker in last year's domestic season.

    Batting for Dinda, Ganguly said pacers have a short life span and they should get a chance when they are in top form.

    "Ishant Sharma has been given a lot of opportunities but has not performed as desired. Dinda was the highest wicket taker last year in the domestic season and has started off well this season. It is disappointing to say the least," said the southpaw.

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    Tiwary deserved it more than Bhajji and Yuvraj imho.
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    Sourav should shut his trap given that his two original favorites, Bhajji and Yuvraj, are in the team (undeservedly)
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    Ganguly has been going on about Dinda for a long while now...imo he's not good enough
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    Dinda is crap... I don't know how Ganguly is rating him so big. :facepalm:

    Have you seen his bowling? He bowls short 90% of the time. Crappy Crappy bowler.
  7. Bond

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    ^ as I said, BengaliBias

    Dinda could be good, but he has to realize that being 'quick' for Ranji is probably still not quick enough
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    I haven't seen much of him so I am not sure he is picking up those wickets. I only saw him in a game in T20 Cup and against SL, a few months ago. He bowled filth. It looked bad.

    Aside from that, I'm not really sure how can he bowl in Test Cricket. He'll get murdered.
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    This guy always promotes groupism :facepalm1:
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    Actually I think he'd have said that when a lcoal media person asked him about the local players.. Dont be so soon to categorize as bias. Sure, there is a hint of it but think about it. You can't easily say they are crap when the locals are asking..
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    Tiwary would be better than Yuvraj...
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    Tiwary, yes. Dinda, no. There isn't a way Yuvraj deserves a place ahead of Tiwary tbh. All it shows is that the selectors hardly give a sh!t about performances in warm-up games.

    Dinda might be the best bowler in the Ranji circuit in terms of wickets but we all know how competitive our bowling scene is :facepalm:

    But it wouldn't have been a world of wrong if he had been given a nod ahead of Ishant, who has been woeful over the last 18-odd months, to say the least.

    This. Sometimes people are too judgmental when it comes to sensing a bias or anything of that sort.
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    ^I totally agree with you.
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