Chris Rogers acknowledged that Graeme Swann's retirement had helped him

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    On the day Graeme Swann surprised many by choosing to retire mid-Ashes series, a handful of astute observers chanced some money on a Chris Rogers century in the Boxing Day Test. Late that same afternoon, Rogers afforded himself a gentle smile at the thought his major nemesis over eight Test matches would not be around to frustrate him any longer.


    Just shows how dumb his retirement was.
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    It helped the opposition more than it did his team....
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    Chris Rogers = :kid:
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    It is safe to say, Swann's retirement is not only one of the most ill-timed ones I have ever heard about or seen, it is also one of the stupidest and most self-centered decisions ever. I was shocked when I heard the news. Shows how immature and childlike he is - it is always about him. Because when you look at the pictures he took with Monty at the start of the tour, posing funny for the cameras (with that shirtless fatso, and the boomerang, etc.) it becomes quite clear, he came down under to Aus to play and win, with no thoughts about retirement on the horizon - none, whatsoever.

    Clearly, he did this because he doesn't want his numbers in a disarray after this thrashing, no doubt about it. But he'll forever be remembered as that coward who fled with his tail between his hind legs. Quite selfishly, he doesn't even spare a fleeting thought for the junior bowlers who'll enter the side, struggle to find their way, and about all the mentoring they'll need and miss on the ground and in the nets. Unbelievably selfish.
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