Australia tour of India 2017

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    Virat needs to keep up with his captaincy. One wrong decision by the captain and the team will face the match loss.
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    This is shaping up to be a brilliant test match! It is definitely going down to the wire.

    Edit: yeah, never mind
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    Fascinating 2nd Test at Bangalore! But the highlights have already been deleted!
    Does anybody have highlights to share? I can't watch this series on TV, so I've been following on internet radio. Would love to see some of the action...
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    Check the highlights again. New ones are up.

    And agree, brilliant test match! What a superb comeback by India!
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    Comments on Pune:

    If you see the bowling analysis, our spinners extracted more turn than the Aussie spinners, and our batters were playing for turn while the Aussies were playing like they would in Aus for not much turn. So our batters got out to more LBW and bat pad catches and our bowlers missed the edges. It just sucks but on a rank turner like Pune, you lose the toss and you're hosed. Even in the Eng tour, if you recall, we barely held on to a draw in a low scoring first Test but at least the pitch was truer there, and Kohli played (IMHO) one of his best 4th innings knocks, in a very unfamilar gear for him, knuckling down to give us a draw. Likewise in the first Test vs SA in their tour of Ind at Nagpur, the pitch was similar to the one here, except SA lost the toss and the match which was similarly low scoring, but SA dead batted very well in their 4th innings scoring 176. They had the same advantage as Aus in that their bowlers didn't turn the ball as much and their batters didn't play as much for turn. Unfortunately, nothing went our way here in Pune. A word about Mr Panduranga Salgoancar, the idiot who prepared the pitch. Don't ever let him anywhere near a cricket pitch again. "The ball will fly off the pitch". Right.

    Comments on B'lore:

    Our first innings was a total screw up and I have to put it down to a combination of fatigue and the psychological effects of Pune. Again, no partnerships, not one in the middle order fired, and no opening partnership as well, which is a recipe for disaster. Then we conceded 85+ runs lead, which under the circumstances on the B'lore pitch (which was certainly way better than Pune) was a death knell. Fortunately our middle order, Pujara and Rahane, in particular, and Rahul, as well, made some really criticial and notable technical adjustments:

    1. They took an off stump guard allowing them to reach forward and across, get closer to Lyon's line and eliminate the LBW, and also force him to take his line further out.
    2. For the off spinner with bounce directed at their hips with extra bounce, they didn't ride the bounce with soft hands, feeding the packed leg cordon with catching practise. Instead if it was full they flicked, otherwise, they forced the ball down with a tap or a flick of the wrists, thus eliminating the close-in catchers to an extent. I would've liked to see them employ the paddle sweep more (which is played into the ground with the bat coming from a height and thus a very safe bet), which Tendulkar used to good effect in his hey day against really good offies like Saqlain, Murali, and even Swann who operated on that line and length, but for some reason they avoided that stroke.
    It would've been great if Rahane didn't lose his focus after his 50, to give his wicket away though. He could've got his bat down quickly to flick it. That again triggered a collapse. But luckily our spinners held on to give us the match. In the first innings I felt it was a colossal mistake by Kohli to underbowl Jadeja despite the fact that he was giving them us most wickets! No excuse for that! By the way he's due a big one, and I really hope he makes it count and makes the Aussies hunt leather.
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    Starc out of the series... Big blow for Australia!
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    Hi all, just got the email for the highlights of Day 1 of the 4th Test.
    Why is it geo-restricted? :-(
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    @d-Wizz looks like the highlights were deleted by BCCI
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