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  1. Cabinet96

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    Note: This thread is for the auction only. No posting irrelevant to the auction is allowed.

    Auction - Cricfire Fantasy Cricket - World T20 2012 - Australia Players

    Each player auctioned will be up for 24 hours, where each user will bid for them. When someone's bid hasn't been beaten they will gain the player. Should bidding still be in process at the end of the 24 hour period a tie break will proceed. All the users still bidding for the player shall submit a silent auction amount to me in a PM. Whichever user bids the highest in the silent auction, gains the player. If I am involved in the bidding we will PM to one of the Administrators, or if not the most senior member available.

    All bidders will have budget of 10 Million and will buy a maximum of 11 players.

    Each player has a minimum price tag, which I will decide.

    The auction order:

    Shane Watson (today)
    Mike Hussey
    David Warner
    Pat Cummins
    Daniel Christian
    Clint McKay
    Matthew Wade
    Cameron White
    David Hussey
    Brad Hogg
    George Bailey
    Glenn Maxwell
    Mitchell Starc
    Xavier Doherty
    Ben Hilfenhaus
  2. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

    Shane Watson is up for auction.

    His base price is 100K.
  3. bablu1994

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  4. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

  5. bablu1994

    bablu1994 New Member

  6. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

  7. bablu1994

    bablu1994 New Member

    1 million
  8. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

    1.1 Million
  9. U2one100

    U2one100 New Member

    Watson - 1.3m
  10. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

    1.5 Million
  11. U2one100

    U2one100 New Member

    Lets pull it up huh?

    Shane Watson - 1.7m !!!
  12. Cabinet96

    Cabinet96 New Member

    1.8 Million
  13. squashed.bugaboo

    squashed.bugaboo Active Member

    Who's funding this?
  14. bablu1994

    bablu1994 New Member

    1.9 Million
  15. Rager

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  16. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    Shane Watson goes to Bablu for 1.9 Million
  17. CoverDrive

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    Mike Hussey is up for auction till 7:30 GMT tom.

    His base price is 100K.
  18. Binning

    Binning Arkham Knight Staff Member

    Hold up, are we not gonna wait for Cabi ?
  19. Piethepker

    Piethepker New Member

    NO! 200k
  20. Bond

    Bond New Member

    We're waiting for Cabi. He set up the league, and while it's annoying that he bailed on us like this, we should wait.

    Hopefully he can wi-fi connection and this will be back and running soon