All Time World XI's Involving Every County

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    Every nation involved

    Try to name as good an all time XI as you can, using a player from each of the 10 test playing nations.

    You can have two players from one of the countries.

    1. Jack Hobbs (Eng)
    2. Barry Richards (SA)
    3. Donald Bradman (Aus)
    4. Sachin Tendulkar (Ind)
    5. Garry Sobers (WI)
    6. Andy Flower + (Zim)
    7. Shakib al Hasan (Ban)
    8. Imran Khan* (Pak)
    9. Richard Hadlee (NZ)
    10. Malcolm Marshall (WI)
    11. Murali (SL)

    Could bring Gavaskar in for Richards, and bring Pollock in for Tendulkar.
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    A very quick one..

    Bradman, Hobbs, Imran, Tendulkar, Sobers, Shakib, Gilchrist, Hadlee, Steyn, Muralitharan

    Only 10 named because :
    I don't know the 10th test team. If Zim, I'll pick Flower as keeper and have Allan Border as a batsman by dropping Gilly to complete the XI.
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    Tendulkar still not pushing up to go at 3. WAC! :facepalm1:
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    OK.. Seeing your team resolves it. I'll give the line-up

    1. Jack Hobbs
    2. Donald Bradman
    3. Allan Border
    4. Sachin Tendulkar
    5. Garfield Sobers
    6. Andy Flower
    7. Shakib Al Hasan
    8. Imran Khan
    9. Richard Hadlee
    10. Dale Steyn
    11. M Muralitharan

    Need Tendulkar to cash in on the 2nd new ball.. Bradman will see out the first one. :ab:
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    Current one:

    1. Watson (Aus)
    2. Hafeez (Pak)
    3. Amla (SA)
    4. Sanga (SL)
    5. Taylor (Zim)
    6. Kohli (Ind)
    7. McCullum + (NZ)
    8. Shakib (Ban)
    9. Broad (Eng)
    10. Ajmal (Pak)
    11. Roach (WI)

    Much harder that one. In the history of cricket 9 teams have real legends in them. This one only has a few mixed with a few decent players.

    I'll work on this one though.

    An XI where the last letter of one name is the same as the first letter of the next:

    1. Gavaskar
    2. Richards (Barry)
    3. Slater
    4. Richards (Viv)
    5. Sobers
    6. Stewart +
    7. Tendulkar
    8. Roberts
    9. Steyn
    10. Ntini
    11. Lillee

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    Illingworth instead of Lillee.

    Lillee doesn't start with an I. :facepalm:
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