2014 Football World Cup Groups

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by kumar713, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. kumar713

    kumar713 Well-Known Member

    Group D looks to be tougher

    Eng might get eliminated:fear:
  2. U2one100

    U2one100 New Member

    Every group is ****ing tough TBH.

    Only C, E, F and H are, at least on paper, easier to predict.
  3. Piethepker

    Piethepker New Member

    I don't follow soccer, but the general conscious among friends is Australia is screwed.
  4. U2one100

    U2one100 New Member

    Yeah, Spain and Netherlands.

    I think you can discard the Asian teams and some of the stronger European teams too.

    Honestly, I'd only rate France or Italy to reach semis.

    Brazil/Argentina all the way. Gonna be such football fever all over, even in India.
  5. kumar713

    kumar713 Well-Known Member

    Yeah.Every street kids will be playing football:wub:
    Spain too are favs.Would love to see Germany winning the title.
  6. kumar713

    kumar713 Well-Known Member


    England players model the team's new away kit for the 2014 World Cup
  7. Rain.

    Rain. Active Member

    I hate this World Cup and all type of International matches. It injures most of the player or they get exhausted before the season starts.
  8. kumar713

    kumar713 Well-Known Member

    Here in India it creates more interest. Even i enjoy watching International teams play against each other.
  9. CoverDrive

    CoverDrive Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Nice pecs boys.
  10. awan247

    awan247 New Member

    There are totally 8 groups are taking part in 2014 Football world cup . In my opinion, Group A is strong and all the teams are good in this group to play the matches.