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  1. mayank soni A1
    mayank soni A1 Mayank soni
    We need registered email of mayank soni to reset his password
  2. amitbothra
    amitbothra CoverDrive
    Who will win today's march ipl2017
  3. Hydron
    Who is the founder of CricFire?
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    2. Rager
      the founder is unknown. Just like "who created the universe?" nobody knows yet we find it in ourselves.
      Jan 31, 2017
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  4. Hydron
  5. Hydron
    Once a captain, always a captain... MS Dhoni would not be forgotten
  6. Santo99
    Use lube to avoid wrinkly skin.
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  7. Rager
    Rager Piethepker
    hello josh!! where is you?
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  8. Rager
    Rager Binning
    sup fella!!!
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  9. GBTN
  10. Cabinet96
    Cabinet96 GBTN
  11. Binning
    Binning Piethepker
    Surely the essay can wait!!
  12. Piethepker
    Piethepker Binning
    I'll be watching while writing an essay!
  13. Binning
    Binning Piethepker
    Wow, you are so busy eh. Hope you'll find time to enjoy the Final :)
  14. Piethepker
    Piethepker Binning
    I have watched maybe 2 hours of the whole world cup.

    I'll 100% make sure to watch the final tho!
  15. Binning
    Binning Piethepker
    School's first :thumbsup: Ready for the big final?
  16. Piethepker
    Piethepker Binning
    Busy with school man, still read stuff.
  17. Binning
    Binning Piethepker
    Hello Pie,

    How are you doing? Why are you not posting on CF anymore?
  18. Rager
  19. Binning
    Binning Rager
    :facepalm: Nothing to watch there.
  20. Rager
    Rager Binning
    watching the match lol