Kevin Pietersen to retire from Test cricket?

Discussion in 'Cricket Talk' started by CoverDrive, Aug 6, 2012.

  1. CoverDrive

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  2. Piethepker

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    I hope he doesn't.... surely not after a 100...
  3. Binning

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  4. CoverDrive

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    :ponting3: :kp:

    The game of cricket is going through big changes at the moment...It'll probably take another decade for things to settle down...
  5. Cabinet96

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  6. Rager

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    It will be an Afridi retirement. :truestory:

    It will be same **** in 10 years or so. :facepalm1:

    BCCI still would not approve of DRS in 2022. :facepalm1:
  7. Cabinet96

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    If KP was a footballer, one gets the feeling he'd be a diver.

    Anyway if he retires it will ruin the series in India; in a cricketing perspective.
  8. Rager

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    Please don't retire.

    SA, bowl him pies... ok? :secret:
  9. CSB

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    OF COURSE he would be a diver. All footballers are divers.

    Also, KP is a drama queen, I'm liking him less and less. Such a mercenary. WAC!!!
  10. bablu1994

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    looks like he is hanging out with Afridi lately :facepalm:
  11. CoverDrive

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    Guy left his country to play...What stops him from leaving test cricket for $... #justsaying
  12. Cabinet96

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    About as relevant as saying Tendulkar leaves the living room to do a ****.
  13. Bond

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    KP doesn't play nice with the media and always speaks his mind...which is why I've always respected him. No bull**** from his mouth (unlike virtually every other cricketer)

    England just want to give him a hard time, even though their whole "limited overs" rule that you have to play t20s and ODIs seems to only apply to KP. They seem perfectly fine to rest other players from certain formats, but since KP is the 'bad boy', they want to make an example out of him.

    Tough luck for him; great batsman without a home. At least he's lucky enough to make his millions :)
  14. Rager

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    **** the bull****!
  15. CoverDrive

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    Start of death of International Cricket?
  16. kumar713

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    No..It's the start of death of ENG cricket..Eng will suffer with out KP..
  17. CoverDrive

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    The best (as in most entertaining) players are continually leaving the International game to play in domestic leagues (that was Flintoff's plan too)...
  18. Rager

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    Flintoff could not survive playing at the international level. Back to back injuries... it was understandable for him, but Pietersen. He is fit and in form. Why would he think about leaving? I am sure ECB gives him tons of moolah as well. Maybe they are forcing him to only stick to England and not play any IPL matches or any domestic cricket.

    He probably doesn't want to be forced to do things. He wants to have his own ways and he is currently doing that.

    I think it has to do with the ODI/T20 combined contract which gave him a set back.
  19. U2one100

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    Looks like he is going the GAYLE way.

    I guess the root of the problem could be that he gave his word to DD owners about his full availability from next season onwards and obviously the ECB rejected his ddemands.

    But I don't get that dressing room thing.. :hmm:
  20. Rager

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    What dressing room thing are you talking about?