High Court strikes down Azharuddin's life ban

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    The Andhra Pradesh High Court has declared illegal the life ban imposed by the BCCI on former India captain Mohammad Azharuddin. A division bench of the high court set aside the order of the City Civil Court, which had upheld the ban after Azharuddin had challenged it.

    The BCCI had banned Azharuddin on December 5, 2000 for his involvement in match-fixing. Since then, Azharuddin, 49, has had no involvement in cricket-related matters and became a politician in 2009. He is currently a member of parliament from Moradabad constituency in Uttar Pradesh.

    Read full story at:http://www.espncricinfo.com/india/content/current/story/590339.html
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    :ponting4: News of nothing.
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    ^LOLZ :rofl: That's the only reason he wants to play again. WAC he was...
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    What a joke. It's disgraceful that he is an MP now. Disgusting scum.
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    Wow is he? that's ****ed up :facepalm:
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    So, you wanna become an MP? Go fix a few matches first :nice:
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    I hope the BCCI continues to exclude him. That's one place where the BCCI is probably superior to all other cricket boards, who tend to hush up any rumors of players fixing (CA and PCB, specifically)

    Although I'm still upset that Jadeja fangled a job with sony to do ipl coverage. That guy needs to find a new career.
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    What has Australia had to do with match fixing besides Mark waugh and some one else i forget paying some guy for pitch conditions
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    you forgot that? :warne:

    BTW, Azhar's ban lifted? I didnt even read the news properly because the headline itself makes me angry! :mad:

    What a disgrace! Erase his records from cricket history please.
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    Now we know how Tendulkar got in.....
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    :sachin: got in :boss:

    He's not a match fixer